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Post  Zadeth on Tue Mar 22, 2011 7:03 am

Here is where IC applications are put in. Join the Rift hunting today!

To start of we need the following info:

(IC info)

Name: Zadeth Ornae

Age: 127

Profession(s): I am a Rune-crafter, Butcherer and a Outfitter.

Line of Work: When I first got married, at 29, I stayed at home and nourished my children.. I wanted to give them everything I didn't have.. Love.. A caring family... I cared for my Children up until recently, when the Rifts came.. I lost everything.. My husband, my children.. My home.. Ever since that day when I saw my children and the love of my life be slaughtered in the blink of an eye I swore revenge.. I could no longer idly sit by and watch suffering go on. That was when I got into making Runes and became an Outfitter.. I prepared myself for the revenge I swore to get. I would teach my community.. what was left of it.. how to fight, and defend ourselves..
Then I thought that for once there was a God.. I finally was in close proximity of a Rift.. I could finally avenge my husband and my two darling children.. We underestimated them.. They were truly like animals.. I saw the last of the people I care for be torn to shreds... All those months of planning and getting ready... destroyed in a moment. I thought I had escaped.. I ran so fast... Faster than I ever thought I could... But it was not fast enough. One of their archers hit me with an arrow, covered with poison.. I knew it was over.. My final thoughts were my Children.. how I would finally again be with them; I almost felt glad to die..
The Gods of the Vigil knew I had not done what I so passionately set out to do; they knew it was not my time.. I was given a second chance to do right by my family. As an Ascendant I have continued in my work as a Rune-crafter and Outfitter.. I am once again hoping to get trained to the best of the Magi ways and seek revenge.. If I ever get the chance, I'll kill Regulos or anything close enough to him with my final breaths; finally avenging my children and being able to die... peacefully know I've done everything I wanted to do. Aurë entuluva!


What is your name and age? My name is Jordan, and I am 18.

How did you hear about us? I found out about you from the official RIFT forums, under the EU Shard etc...

What do you know about us? Just what was on the advertisement.. It seemed amazing.. It seemed like the type of thing I would be grateful to be a part of.

Have you roleplayed before? If so feel free to tell us what kind of RP you have done. (Be it pen and paper RP or MMO's) I have role-played before;yes. I role-played as a Dwarven Shaman, Erotha Stouthammer, for around a year or so. I participated in several type of RP whilst being Erotha; such as Adventure, fantasy, protecting the land, healing/helping, military. I enjoyed RPing so much I've started to do it in RIFT. I would love to be in such a great community whilst once again starting up my RP experience.

And as a last thing. Tell us abit about yourself! What kind of a person are you? In one word.. Crazy.. I sometimes do some things people would put me in a straight-jacket for.. I love to stay up late, especially on the weekend; last weekend my guild members woke me up on Teamspeak.. (Don't judge me). I am quite a caring, intellectual and kind man. I love to make people laugh and I hate to see people sad.. I have helped people in enormous ways before; including preventing 3 suicides. I also love to help people as a Pixel also, if anyone needed help or advice I'd be more than willing to give them a hand..

Once you are done with all these questions we will look it through and contact you IC. Enjoy!

Thank you for taking the time to read this - Enjoy your day.

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