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The Oathsworn Phalanx(Medium-Heavy Roleplaying Guild)

The two looked upon the scarred land after battle which had lade sieged upon it, a sturdy high elven warrior and a larger grown mathosian…

Gyram- “ Blast and damn the beasts back to the abyss with them, even though we stand tall and hopeful, the land…she hurts…” The mathosian said

Talberon-“ Tavril will aid her…that is where we have to lay our faith…”

Gyram-“Aye, you speak words of truth brother no matter what, the beasts and those rifts tearing apart may never go unnoticed, under the blessed sight of The Vigil, those whom gave us a second chance we will see to it that order is restored. That including beasts and thooe whom belive that they play the role of a god!...


Behind the two men speaking a women outfitted in chain armor appeared and shouted

Ayona-“ Talberon!, Gyram!....Rift activity has been spotted to the north! So less chattin’ and more rift evaparising!

Talberon-“…You sure know how to make an entrance…”

The elf replied with a smile across his face

Gyram-“To arms!...”

OOC: The Oathsworn Phalanx is formed up as an independent unit with a special task in the fight of the Rifts in every aspect, from physical resistance to investigation. The Phalanx was founded by Talberon Hanchir, Gyram Northgarde and Ayona Plainore as a result of the massing of the rifts.

The unit is structured up with ranks from:

High Commander(Guild leader)

Rift Marshal(Leader and field operative)

Agent( Field operative)

Trialist( A member in training under tutoring of a Rift Marshal)

Base: Telara, TOS Phalanx is a mobile unit to be able to fend the rifts across Telara.

How it works: The members will gather in meetings, work in the field, and receive assignments of different tasks.

Criteria of applying: A pleasant personality and taking interest of role playing, by pleasent it means a person whom can find themselves in a social group and not insult & violate that gathering and its members. The guild consists of role-players whom have been at it for awhile, we do not see that you’re an experienced role-player just interested in learning, so if you find the idea interesting, by all means apply, this might be an one of a kind experience.

PS. People applying to the guild will be called to an IC interview.

We will of course participate in both pvp, pve in a casual manner and it’s individually set, by that said we don’t expect you to lvl you rear off, enjoy the game in a positive social roleplaying group is the focus. 

A short but hopefully informative start, this will be updated with more info as time progresses!

‘till then!

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